Blockchain & IoT Summer School

September 5–9, 2016 / ETH Zurich

BIOTS 2016

Are you studying in a field related to computer science / engineering / mathematics? Do you want to be among the first people worldwide to profit from top-notch hands-on education in Blockchain and Internet of Things? Do you want to be selected as member of an exclusive group getting all this education for free?

Then register now for our 1st Blockchain and IoT Summer School at ETH Zurich!

Validity Labs and COSS ETH Zurich aim to educate students in blockchain technology by hosting the first Blockchain and Internet of Things Summer School from September 5 to 9, 2016, in Zurich, Switzerland.

This event is for university (technological universities, universities, universities of applied science) students only.

BIOTS 2016 Speakers


ETH Zurich

Clausiusstrasse 59, 8092 Zurich

RZ Buildings


5.-9. September at ETH Zurich

It was a fantastic event, 60+ Students participated and created 6 ethereum based blockchain applications within just two days of training and two days of building.



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